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2023 Clinics

One day Clinics will be offered to focus on individual skills and develop advanced techniques in a smaller group setting


Middle School

Our Middle School Clinic will center on refining skills of youth volleyball players. We will teach volleyball concepts for all skill levels in grades 6th-8th. A smaller group setting seeks to provide more repetition and consistent  feedback for development.

July 11th


Hitting & Setting

The Hitting & Setting Clinic will focus of the development of elite skills for attackers and setters. They will learn a variety of techniques and strategies that will expand their understanding of the game. The small group setting enables consistent and personalized feedback. For grade 6th-12th, all experience levels.

July 12th


Defender & Serving

The Defense, Serving, & Passing Clinic will focus on the principles, techniques, and strategies of defending, passing, and serving. The small group setting will ensure maximum repetition, consistent and personalized feedback. For grades 6th-12th, all experience levels.

July 13th

2023 CAMPS

Our camps provide a positive and competitive environment to teach and train foundational to advanced skills. Athletes at these camps will get the opportunity to compete and train in groups catered to the experience of the athlete.


Individual Skills Camp

Individual Skills Camp provides a fun, uplifting environment for your athlete to learn foundational concepts and skills while competing! All volleyball core skills will be covered to ensure growth in the game for your athlete. The athletes will train in teams with similar experience and grade-level. This camp is for all experience levels, Grades 6th-12th. (Commuter only)

July 17th-19th


Elite Prospect Camp

Elite Prospect Camp is an immersive environment in which your athlete will learn the various concepts and skills taught in our gym at Emory! The athletes will undergo college-level training in teams with similar experience and grade-level. This camp is recommended for athletes with advanced experience (at least 3+ years). Grades 9th-12th. (Commuter only) July 20th-21st

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